The Best Time To Start A New Job Search Is Now

Are you lost or stuck in your Job search? Want to give your job search a jump-start? Sign up today for this 30-day challenge designed to help you take action in your job search. The Job search challenge starts on Tuesday, Sept. 01, 2015 for 30 days of coaching calls at 8:30pm (EST) for 30 minutes for a total cost of $35.

Let Tracy Cooper, the RésuméPreneur help you jump start your job search and get your career accessorized…

During the LinkedIn Challenge, you’ll take 30 days of consistent action in six different areas:

• Improving Your LinkedIn Profile
• Connecting With Contacts, Companies, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers
• Creating Content (Status Updates and LinkedIn Publishing)
• Getting Involved in Groups
• Giving and Getting Endorsements and Recommendations
• Grab Bag

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LinkedIn Challenge Introductory Price $79.00